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Founded in 2001, Engine, LLC is a full-service, fully-integrated creative content boutique in San Francisco, California. We’re a cross between a creative sanctuary and a strategic war room.


Here, we develop advertising creative content and media strategy for local, regional and national brands. Our capabilities extends through a broad spectrum of advertising delivery vehicles with a special focus on traditional, digital, social, and mobile channels. Known for being nimble, we thrive on developing creative content quickly while maintaining an intense passion for craftsmanship. 


Print, television, radio, outdoor, transit, guerrilla, direct mail and ambient.


Online video ads, branded entertainment, banners, websites and corporate videos.


Viral videos, posts, blogs, texts, fan acquisition strategy and fan pages.  


Mobile banner ads, text content, responsive website design, apps and Native ads.

Creative & Media Strategy

Here, our mission is to deliver aesthetically rich and elevated creative content grounded on a strategy-driven foundation. Together with our clients, we begin by defining targets, setting objectives and developing a strategic roadmap to reach success. The result is a reliable conceptualizing structure from which we can generate work that is guided by strategy instead of any gratuitous creative indulgences, fads or assumptions.


Even in today’s digital universe, one thing remains true – content is still king. Whether we’re crafting copy for a traditional ad campaign, a digital project or a social media post, textual content is treated here with respect. Why say something frivolous, lazy or foolish when you can say something substantial, productive and smart.

TV, Radio & VIdeo

Today, access to video and audio has become ubiquitous. For an advertiser, this provides a variety of media opportunities that can be deployed with precision and efficiency. Developing effective content for these devices and media channels demands deep understanding and a strict compliance to our core philosophy – make something worth watching.

Brand Planning

Brand planning is an essential ingredient to the success of any commercial creative effort. We begin our process by uncovering brand perceptions through research, which ultimately leads to the stitching of powerful attributes that embody a brand’s outer fabric. Creative content that’s not grounded on a solid strategic foundation is wasteful and very often destructive. 


Whether it’s identity, collateral, iconography, packaging or anything in between, our work in both the traditional or digital realms summons the essence of a brand and channels it effectively to its target. Much more than a decorative function, our design approach seeks to create an invisible bonding agent that connects companies with a consumer’s psyche and ultimately, their loyalty. 

Art Direction

Great art direction is an essential ingredient to the success of any visual advertising/marketing effort. From print ads to complex commerce sites, art direction plays an important role in ensuring that messaging is delivered effectively. Our style of art direction is highly strategic, but we’re zealous artisans and our passion for great typography, photography, cinematography and illustration is evident in our work.

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The human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than textual information



Our integrated approach:

At Engine, LLC we understand the importance of a fully integrated approach to our campaigns. Our work is unified across all media channels and developed to deliver a focused message to its target audience. An integrated mix serves to enhance a campaign’s effectiveness by ensuring that a continuity of message exists throughout all customer touch points.

Continuity of messaging:

Thanks to our nimble structure, we have capability to quickly expand existing campaigns even if we weren’t the original authors of the concept. This works well for clients that want to outsource a project outside of their AOR. We can expand content within established ad campaigns and provide fresh thinking without detouring from an existing strategic creative roadmap. This is especially helpful when long running campaigns begin to feel stale and new energy is needed to keep it going without having to end an AOR relationship or if a project is out-of-scope.


Over the years, Engine, LLC has worked on a broad spectrum of national, regional and local brands . Here are just a few:




Since 2001, Engine has worked on a wide spectrum of products and services ranging from wine to health insurance. As individuals, our careers expands over 19 years and it includes an even wider array of national, regional and local brand experience at renowned advertising agencies. The gallery shown below is from the work Engine has done over the years. 


 Engine, LLC is located in San Francisco’s Financial District on Montgomery St. between Sacramento St. and Commercial St.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please call Robert Solis at (415) 793-9226 or email him at rsolis@enginellc.com. 


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