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  • Client: Birkenstock
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Project Description:

  • Bank of Marin opened its doors in 1990 with branches in Corte Madera and San Rafael, CA. Bank of Marin offers a wide range of deposit products, commercial/personal loans, cash management solutions, and wealth management services.
    • Engine, LLC began working with Bank of Marin in 2003 and developed brand positioning, branding graphics, internal signage and integrated advertising campaigns for the emerging bank. Tasked with conceiving strategies to help market their diverse array of products, Engine, LLC put designed a modular campaign strategy that could effectively promote an array of products while building brand equity and expanding customer base. Today, Bank of Marin has grown to $1.8 billion in assets and 20 offices across five counties including Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco and Alameda.