TriNet HR Corporation

Project Details:
  • Outdoor: Transit/Murals/Kiosks
  • Client: Trinet HR Corporation/li>
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Project Description:

TriNet is a cloud-based professional employer organization for small and medium sized businesses. TriNet administers payroll and health benefits and advises clients on employment law compliance and risk reduction. TriNet is headquartered in San Leandro, California. The company also provides online tools such as web-hosted management portals for manager and employee self-service. Engine, LLC was tasked to build upon TriNet's existing 2013 advertising campaign with fresh executional ideas and headlines. Engine, LLC was able to seamlessly add fresh content to a campaign that had been developed by a previous ad agency. The success of our work allowed TriNet to bring new life to the aging campaign and helped elevate the quality of its content to a higher standard.